Soldbuch, Artillerie-Regiment 1066

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Very interesting Soldbuch to Hermann who was drafted in 1941 as a 37 year old.
Hermann served in Stamm Lager VI F, Bocholt which was a German work camp for prisoners of war, mainly Poles, Dutch and French POW’s.



May 1941: Gefreiter
1.11.1941: Obergefreiter
1.2.1942: Unteroffizier


Deutsche Reichs-Sportabzeichen in Bronze
Kriegsverdienstkreuz II Klasse mit Schwertern

Field units

Ersatzheer / Stalag VI F
1. Batterie / leichte-Artillerie-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 6
Stab / Reserve-Artillerie-Abteilung 6
Stab / I Batterie / Artillerie-Regiment 1066


Worn but very good condition.

Hermann served within Stamm Lager VI F, Bocholt until January 1943 when he was transferred to Artillerie-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 6 which was at that point located in the city of Ulfborg in Jutland, Denmark and right next to the German coastal defences at the ocean side.

In March 1945 Hermann was transferred to the newly founded Artillerie-Regiment 1066 which was located north of Ulfborg in the Danish city of Lemvig. Here Hermann served in the staff.

Hermann was awarded the Kriegsverdienstkreuz II Klasse mit Schwertern on 1.9.1944 while serving in Ulfborg. The entry is interesting since it was awarded on behalf of the Wehrmachtbefehlshaber Dänemark – an entry also seen in other Soldbücher from Artillerie-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 6.

The Soldbuch comes with Hermann’s prewar award document for the sport badge in Bronze which he earned on 25.7.1938.

Nice set!

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