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Wehrpaß, Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 4

Wehrpaß to Stabsgefreiter Karl who served with various Luftwaffe Nachrichten units, including Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302 where he was engaged in anti partisan actions in France.



01.10.1940: Gefreiter
1.10.1941: Obergefreiter
1.10.1944: Stabsgefreiter


Medaille Kreuzug gegen den Kommunismus
Reichssportabzeichen Nr. 33918

Field units

Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment (motorisiert) 11
Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 11
Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 8
Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302
Luftnachrichten-Ausbildung-Regiment 4


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Karl was drafted into the Luftwaffe Flak service as a 20 year old on October 3 1939. On December 13 he was transferred to the Reichs Arbeitsdienst, Abteilung 8/L/XI  for a 3 month service.
After serving with the RAD karl was transferred to 18. Kompanie / Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment (motorisiert) 11 which was situated a Bemerode near Hannover.

On 2.6.1940 Karl was transferred to 4. Kompanie / Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 11 (Stab) which was located in Denmark. Karl served in Denmark until June 30. 1940 when he was transferred to northern France. By that time Karl had been educated as a Funker and Flugmelder (radio man and air traffic reporter).

On page 32 it says:

Unterstützung der Luftwaffe im Kampf gegen England.”

In English it means:

Supporting the Luftwaffe during the Battle against England.”

Karl served as a radio man and air traffic reporter (identifying and reporting allied planes) during the famous “Battle of Britain” from July 1 to November 2 1940. Whilst being engaged in the “Battle of Britain” Karl was transferred to 6. Kompanie (Flugmelde) Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 8

After his service in northern France Karl was transferred to the river Donau in Hungary close to the Romanian border where he would participate in the invasion of Romania. Karl served in the Eastern territories until 31.10.1942. Here he was engaged in fightings near Rostow and Kuban.

On 13.5.1943 Karl was again transferred to the Western Front where he was again engaged in supporting the Luftwaffe against England in occupied territories. At that time he was part of 9 Kompanie/ Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302 which was located near Reims in France.

On 21.5.1943 Karl was transferred to 5. Kompanie/Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302 and from 26.8.1944 to 18.9.1944 he was engaged in “anti partisan” activities which were entered in his Wehrpaß on page 33 as:

Einsatz gegen Terroristen.“

5. Kompanie/Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302 was located in the Dijon area in august 1944 meaning Karl was deployed against the French resistance before being evacuated to Germany. In Dijon the German units were severely weakened by the French resistance and thus their defences against the Allies during the Allied “Operation Dragoon” were quickly overthrown. On 19.9.1944 the remnants of 5. Kompanie/Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302 were evacuated to Germany.

Karl remained with the remnants of 5. Kompanie/Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302 until it was officially disbanded on 25.9.1944 in Germany.

After 5. Kompanie/Luftnachrichten-Ausbildungs-Regiment 302 had been disbanded, Karl was transferred to 23. Kompanie/ Luftnachrichten-Ausbildung-Regiment 4 where he served from 26.9.1944 to 6.5.1945.
With this unit Karl saw heavy action as they were engaged in the defence of Bischofswerda near Dresden. On 28.4.1945 Karl’s company commander entered in his Wehrpaß that 21.4.1945 was registered as “Erdkampftag“. Erdkampftag translates into close combat day.

Karl survived the war.

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