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Wehrpaß, SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann “Mittelbau”

Very interesting group of Wehrhpaß and documents to Obergefreiter der Reserve Johann from  Geldern between the french border and Duisburg in Germany.



1.7.1942: Gefreiter der Reserve
1.7.1943: Obergefreiter der Reserve




Luftwaffe-Bau-Kompanie 512 / VI
19. Kompanie / Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 6
23. Kompanie (schwere Flugmelde) (ortsfest) / Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment (motorisiert) 11
5. Kompanie (schwere Flugmelde) Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 54
15. Kompanie / Luftnachrichten-Regiment 212
22. Kompanie / Luftnachrichten-Regiment 212
Sonderinspektion II, 5. Kompanie
4. Kompanie / SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann “Mittelbau”



Shows signs of use but over all very nice and complete condition. Nothing missing and no loose pages! Comes with 3 statements from his Luftwaffe officers and 1 medical record along with one training record documenting which military training courses Johann attended during his Luftwaffe Service.

Educated as grocer, Johann was drafted into the Luftwaffe in April 1940 where he ended up serving in Luftwaffe-Bau-Kompanie 512 which was a construction unit in Luftwaffe. He served with Luftwaffe-Bau-Kompanie 512 until May 13 1940 when he was released from service.

Johann was called into service again on July 1 1941 and transferred to Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 6 in Gütersloh. This unit was part of Luftwaffe’s air defence in Germany.

On September 4 1941 Johann was transferred to 23. Kompanie (schwere Flugmelde) in Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 11 which was located in central Jutland in Denmark (noted on page 32 in his Wehrpaß).

Hereafter Johann served with several Luftwaffe Nachrichten units in Denmark and was engaged in the night fighter defence in Denmark which is also noted on page 32 in Johann’s Wehrpaß. Last unit was 22. Kompanie / Luftnachrichten-Regiment 212 which was located in Gedhus. Gedhus is located a few kilometers from Fliegerhorst Grove in central Jutland, Denmark.

Albert Speer had turned to Heinrich Himmler in 1943 requesting more guard personnel for the work camps and as one of the solutions he suggested the use elderly Wehrmacht soldiers. This suggestion was later approved and resulted in numerous Wehrmacht soldiers being transferred to guard duty in work camps.

In fall 1944 Johann was transferred to Sonderinspektion II, 5. Kompanie in Mittelbau and then on September 3 to 4. Kompanie / SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann “Mittelbau”.

An interesting grouping that needs further research. The service records give an unique insight in Johann’s person and how he performed during his service time in the Luftwaffe.
Some sources indicate that Sonderinspektion II was involved in the construction of V2 rockets!

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