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Wehrpaß, SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann “Sachsenhausen”

Very interesting and important Wehrpaß to SS-Rottenführer Fritz who served in various units before being transferred to first Mittelbau and Sachsenhausen koncentration camps where he served as guard. He ended up serving with 3. Kompanie / SS-Totenkopf-Wachbataillon Sachsenhausen.



1.1.1942: Gefreiter
1.4.1943: Obergefreiter
1.9.1944: SS-Rottenführer




19. Kompanie / Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment (motorisiert) 11
8. Zug / Flugmelde-Reserve-Kompanie 11
13. Kompanie / Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 11
23. Kompanie / Luftnachrichten-Flugmelde-Regiment 101
3. Kompanie / Luftwaffe-Wachbataillon BII
3. Kompanie / SS-Wachkommando Mittelbau
3. Kompanie / SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann Mittelbau
3. Kompanie / SS-Totenkopf-Wachbataillon Sachsenhausen



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Fritz was drafted in February 1941 and trained as a Flugmelder and specialised in aeroplane identification. He served with various Luftwaffe sound stations in Germany before being transferred to Denmark where he served first with 13. Kompanie / Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 11 and later (June 1944) 23. Kompanie / Luftnachrichten-Flugmelde-Regiment 101 which was located near the danish city of Kolding. This particular unit was part of the German nightfighter defence in Denmark.

Albert Speer had turned to Heinrich Himmler in 1943 requesting more guard personnel for the work camps and as one of the solutions he suggested the use elderly Wehrmacht soldiers. This suggestion was later approved and resulted in numerous Wehrmacht soldiers being transferred to guard duty in work camps.

On July 11 1944 Fritz was transferred to Luftwaffe-Wachbataillon BII which was a solitary Luftwaffe guard unit within the Mittelbau work camp in Harz.

In August 1944 SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler made clear to the Luftwaffe that all Luftwaffe guards connected to the work camps should be transferred to the SS no later than mid August the same year. As a result the Luftwaffe soldiers were transferred to the SS with effect from September 1 1944.

Fritz was merged into 3. Kompanie / SS-Wachkommando Mittelbau but the Luftwaffe soldiers weren’t equipped with SS-uniforms until early 1945.

In the Mittelbau camps SS-Baubrigade III and IV along with the sub-camps Ellrich-Juliushütte and Harzungen weren’t officially part of the SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann which explains why Fritz was transferred to the SS-Wachkommando – he must have served in one of these units.

Beginning of September 1944 the SS-Wachkommandos were however enrolled in the SS-Totenkopf-Sturmbann with effect from October 1 1944. This was also entered in Fritz’ Wehrpaß.

In January 1945 Fritz was together with a part of the Mittelbau-staff transferred to the Sachsenhausen camp where they were enrolled in a Baubrigade (construction unit). At the same time Fritz was submerged into the Waffen-SS with the rank of SS-Rottenführer. This was entered by war criminal August Kolb who died in prison in the 1960’s!

Beginning of April 1945 the Germans began evacuating the Sachenhausen camp and Fritz was on of the first guards to leave it. He arrived at the city Stendal in April 1945 where he was most likely enrolled in the defence of Stendal. Stendal had prior 1945 housed the first Fallschirmjäger paratrooper school where Max Schmelling was educated as a Fallschirmjäger but later in the war Stendal was heavily bombed whilst still housing the Luftwaffe Jagdgeschwader 7 (ME262 fighters).

Stendal was eventually surrounded and Fritz was taken prisoner by the US Army on April 13 1945.

Fritz was sent to the allied POW camp “Depot 131” in Clermont-Ferrand, France, where he was imprisoned until November 1 1947. He was afterwards released into work duties in France.

Fritz survived the war and his last address was in Frankfurt am Main in the 1960’s.

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